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Don’t Take it From Me

Sometimes the best advertisement for your business is one you can’t buy. You can sell yourself any number of ways, but ultimately clients know you’re obviously not unbiased, because you’re trying to get their business.

That’s why client testimonials and endorsements can be a great tool to market your firm. You can tell perspective clients, “Don’t take it from me,” and instead show them what your clients, both old and new, have to say about you and the services you provide.

How do you get client testimonials? Well, you have to reach out. Occasionally you may get some unsolicited praise, but you want to have a mechanism to bring in more on a regular basis.

Some examples:

  • An easy to fill out form your clients can enter online.
  • A call for referrals in the signature of your emails.
  • An email campaign asking some of your best customers (however you determine this) for a testimonial.


In my next post I’ll talk about how you can take advantages of those testimonials once you get them.

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