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Brooks Brothers Gets It - A Twitter Success

I'm sure many people have used Twitter to complain or otherwise reach out to big companies. Personally, I've tweeted at Delta to get an agent to show up at their San Diego commuter desk. Another time I tweeted at them when my exit row seat became a middle of the plane center seat after they changed equipment types; I got 2,000 miles for that one.

So, the Brooks Brothers part of it: I'm now 51, so you might think well Joel is getting old and where else would he go shopping. The truth is I've been buying my suits and other clothing at Brooks Brothers since about 1985. I was there one time around 1986 and saw the managing partner of Deloitte's Detroit office there. I figured if he bought his suits there, I should too. The quality is great and they never go out of style.

Wednesday I get an email where Brooks Brothers announces 1818 Magazine (they were founded that year). The email has a link to get a tablet version of the magazine. I hit it and it takes you to iTunes. I quickly figure out they only have an Apple iOS version. Being an Android user, I'm a little disappointed.

Off to Twitter I go:

@brooksbrothers Would love to read 1818 Magazine but I need Android version - is that coming?

I get a reply less than two hours later

@JoelUngar We hope so sir. In the interim, we'd be delighted to send you a copy if you provide us your address

Very pleased, I send them my address via email and reply:

@BrooksBrothers Done! Thanks. I'm down 33 lbs and have another 20+ to go. When I'm done: many new clothes from Brooks Brothers.

(So I let the cat out of the bag that I've been getting fit and losing weight. As of today, I'm down 35.2 lbs. It's been a productive two days on the weight loss front.)

I get home from work on Thursday, and find a FedEx overnight envelope. I open it up and find a copy of 1818 Magazine along with hand-written note saying they hope I enjoy it.

They sent it to me overnight mail.

That was completely unexpected and totally delighted me. I'm certainly not their biggest customer, but they probably didn't know that. 

Where do you think I'm going to buy suits, shirts and accessories when I hit my weight loss goal?

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