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Blogging for Small Firm

I just read a great blog from Charlie Green, Trusted Advisor, who offered some hands on advice regarding a successful blogging experience that works for firms of any size, but especially for those who are smaller and with fewer resources. Here is his advice:

-Don't blog if you have nothing relevant to say. Why waste your time and your readers?
-Don't promote your firm; this is not a commercial, it is an opportunity to add value.
-Don't use this as your only marketing tool; it is part of your mix of strategies.
-Use an interesting title to get attention and be sure to use good grammar. Remember, your blog reflects your firm's credentials and brand!
-Do it because you want to. If this is not your passion - don;t bother. Your lack of interest and energy will come through and readers may leave you after one visit!

I hope these simple, easy ideas will help you get started or refine your current blog initiatives. Any other ideas? Please share them with us!

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