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Balancing Work with the Holidays: A Teachable Moment

One thing that’s usually a constant during the holiday season is that you’re not always going to have a full staff. People take well-deserved time off to be with their families and sometimes you have to make due with a skeleton crew.

This doesn’t have to mean you spend those weeks hanging by a thin thread and doing everything in a panic. It’s actually a great time to train other employees on skills or tasks they don’t normally do, so that you have a backup in place should someone leave permanently or be gone for an extended leave.

Not only does this give more opportunities and skills to your staff, it’s a good way for them to better understand their colleagues’ jobs. They will gain a respect and appreciation for the time and concentration it takes to accomplish their duties. 

If you’re the boss, this is also a good time to show your staff the things you do on a daily basis that may have to be taken care of while you go on your own holiday.

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