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Are Your Clients Online?

The way we do business is changing faster today than ever before. Technology has greatly sped up our ability to be efficient. Our July SurePayroll Small Business Scorecard survey confirms as much.

Nearly 80 percent of small businesses have changed the way they do business to account for a more technology-based economy; 72 percent are doing more business online than they did a year ago; and 71 percent are using a smartphone or tablet in their sales process.

Moving forward, small businesses are not only going to be online, they’re going to be online and mobile. Meetings and phone calls seem almost old fashioned at this point.

The question is, are your clients up to date? Are you up to date?

Our Scorecard continues to indicate that hiring is flat to slightly down (-0.1 percent in July), yet 84 percent said tools such as their company website, mobile devices and online advertising have helped them grow.

It appears that it’s technology rather than hiring that’s driving growth right now. It’s important you advise your clients that if they’re not keeping up with this trend, they may be losing out on opportunities to grow through increased efficiency.

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