Using Technology to Ensure 2014 Is the Year of Your Customer

By Jennifer Goode
Now is the time to examine how you've been interacting with your prospects and customers. It's important to determine what did and didn't work this year in order to put tools in place to enhance and better monetize those relationships. It's hard for many companies to do this because they don't have tools that allow them to objectively analyze their customer relationships and marketing initiatives. This is the reason one of the top trends with small and midsize businesses (SMBs) is investing in a customer relationship management (CRM) solution. 
One popular and easy-to-use solution is Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a business-focused application that has pre-built functionality to help companies with their sales, marketing, customer service, and operational activities. The recent release of Microsoft Dynamics 2013, which is deployed either on premise or in the Cloud, is garnering a lot of attention. 
One main reason for its popularity is because it integrates with other Microsoft applications (Microsoft Office, Outlook, Dynamics ERP products, SharePoint, etc.), which many SMB companies are already using. This means companies can quickly start realizing the benefits of using a CRM solution.
Key Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013:
  • Cleaner, faster, more intuitive user interface means faster user adoption and less training are required.
  • Ability to create workflows that can automate manually intensive business processes to immediately increase operational efficiencies.
  • Provides everyone within the company a comprehensive view into all interactions with customers and prospects.
  • Easily integrates with Word, Excel, and Outlook to allow employees to work more effectively.
While these key benefits make it a strong tool, where this product really shines is in its ability to be extended for unique business cases far beyond traditional sales and marketing uses. Microsoft Dynamics CRM has out-of-the-box configuration tools, which allow for a great deal of application changes without the need of a programmer or IT resource. 
Additionally, Microsoft Dynamics CRM leverages the powerful Microsoft SQL database and the widely used .net front end, which enables Microsoft Dynamics CRM users to build entire applications on this same platform, getting the most from existing system functionality, coupled with the flexibility to customize functionality when needed.
When asked about the upcoming release, LBMC Technologies President Stacy Schuettler says, "We are looking forward to the increased functionality that Microsoft Dynamics 2013 will provide to businesses that choose to implement a CRM solution. The tight integration with other Microsoft software solutions, plus popular applications from other software publishers, allows companies to quickly leverage Microsoft Dynamics CRM throughout the entire company. 
Schuettler says when fully implemented, a CRM solution can be a turning point in a company's growth.
"Most of our clients will say their CRM solution quickly became a mission-critical application within their company and that they were surprised to the degree that the functionality expands far beyond the sales and marketing department," she says. "It is always very exciting for us to see the dramatic improvements and efficiencies that our clients gain by implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM." 
About LBMC Technologies: 
LBMC Technologies, LLC, an award-winning, comprehensive IT and business consulting company, has nearly two decades of proven experience working with companies on their core business needs, including financial and business management software, network infrastructure, and Cloud-based solutions. LBMC Technologies differentiates itself from other providers by offering a consultative approach to each company's needs in order to provide a "best-in-class" solution that helps them improve productivity, reduce complexity, and strengthen ROI. For more information on LBMC Technologies, visit

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