Survey Reveals Majority of Workers Would Rather Work from Home

With discussions about the pros and cons of telecommuting taking place throughout organizations around the world, Kona, the social collaboration platform from Deltek – a global provider of enterprise software and information solutions  released the results of a survey showcasing public sentiment on the issue and how workers are adopting technologies like Kona to work, communicate, and collaborate better together.
According to the survey results, conducted in conjunction with
  • Seventy percent of workers would rather telecommute than work in the office. For workers between the ages of thirty-five and forty-four, the numbers jumped to 81 percent, while only 66 percent of those between eighteen and twenty-four wanted to work remotely. In addition, 70 percent of parents would rather work from home.
  • In offices that allow employees to work remotely, jealousy is present. The survey found that 57 percent of respondents said working remotely spurs jealousy among remote colleagues. For workers over the age of sixty-five, the numbers jump to 65 percent. Sixty percent of parents and 75 percent of those that earn over $100,000 per year are jealous of coworkers who telecommute. 
  • With major advances in social business tools and platforms, the survey reveals that many companies and workers aren't taking advantage of technologies that can make working remotely more productive and collaborative. Sixty-four percent of respondents feel that e-mail is an effective way to communicate within a group, 20 percent still use "paper and pen" to keep track of group activities, and 22 percent keep track of everything "in their head." 
"Innovation combined with the right leadership, processes, and people allows businesses to be more adaptable to the needs of their teams, spurring a more productive environment  whether that's a traditional, virtual, or hybrid work setting," said Scott DeFusco, Deltek's vice president of Product Strategy and Management for Kona. "Using a social collaboration platform like Kona enables team members to be more connected and engaged. The social enterprise unlocks the potential of people and businesses by being the virtual equivalent of an open office environment."
To reinforce these trends and support the transformation to distributed workforces, the company recently launched Kona Business – the premium version of the popular Cloud-based social collaboration and productivity platform. Kona Business offers one integrated solution for project/task management, private or enterprise social networks, and personal productivity.
Internal and external members can collaborate with more control around communication in the context of the projects and groups they're associated with each day. This helps employees (and others, such as partners, contractors, vendors, and customers) become more productive and teams more successful, individually and together.
Realizing the challenges that distributed groups across many locations may face when trying to accomplish activities with coworkers, Kona aggregates all of the components of people's work lives into one manageable space. Workers using Kona are able to address the three most common issues typically associated with telecommuting:
  1. Ongoing connection to and interaction with team members, regardless of their location or the project.
  2. Ability to aggregate relevant information, in context, with anyone who's appropriate.
  3. Keeping the work flow moving forward, whether you're in transit or just checking in while away from the (remote or traditional) office via Kona's mobile apps.
Learn more about Kona Business for your organization or team and join the thousands of other productive members of the Kona community.
Source: August 19, 2013, Deltek Press Release

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