Sqrl Is a ‘Digital Hunter-Gatherer’ for Accounting Firms

Plans for the Future
Sqrl’s initial market focus is small and regional accounting firms, with future plans to expand the tool for the broader professional services market, including financial advisors, lawyers, and digital agencies.

The initial feature set of Sqrl, which encompasses its core functionality, will be offered to users free of charge, Watson said. However, the team plans to roll out a set of three premium features over the next few months. Those features will include the following:

  • Team/collaboration: “This will give users the ability to create an organization, invite other members of their organization into Sqrl, and begin collaborating with multiple users across specific projects,” Watson said. “So for instance, an audit manager could create a project for an audit engagement giving him or her visibility into all outstanding and gathered requests across that engagement.”
  • White label: “Very shortly, we will begin offering our users the ability to customize the experience to their clients by uploading their own logo and customizing the way the e-mail notifications look and sound to their clients,” he said.
  • Advanced security profiles: “We will begin providing our users the option to secure entire requests, specific items, or files within a request with advanced levels of authentication, such as multifactor authentication,” Watson said.

Although the creators of Sqrl do not have any financial or client goals for 2014, Watson said their primary objective is to “continue building a truly amazing product that solves this real problem for our users.”

“Achieving that goal will, by default, achieve any client or financial goals we could hope to reach,” he concluded.