Faith Evans' Tax Mess: More Blues than Rhythm

By Teresa Ambord
It sounds like small potatoes compared to other celebrities in tax trouble, including her fellow rhythm and blues (R&B) singers. Still, it's bad enough to pump up the blues for R&B singer Faith Evans. Evans is into the state of California for $29,535.48 relating to her 2011 income.
After an arrest for suspicion of misdemeanor drunk driving in 2010, the following year turned out to be even worse. That was when she announced her divorce from record company executive Todd Russaw. With all that going on, in 2011 she kept a low profile, produced no new music, made fewer public appearances, and, evidently, skipped paying the state taxman. 
The good news is, the bad times may have passed, and Evans appears to have the means to pay off the back debt. Currently, she is the co-executive producer of the hit reality show R&B Divas
Speaking of divas of R&B, some of Evans' fellow R&B singers are in far worse tax trouble than she is. Singer Mary J. Blige owes over $3 million in tax debt, and Lauryn Hill – who is working hard to catch up with her tax bills  will report to prison in July to serve three months for tax evasion. By comparison, Evans' tax woes seem minor enough that she should soon be back on solid ground with the taxman, and singing more rhythm and less blues.
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