Employers Paying the Penalty for Wage and Hour Violations


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In prosecution of wage and hour violations, the stakes are getting personal. In several recent cases, the government has penalized company owners and officers for failing to pay overtime – imposing stiff fines and even imprisonment.

In one case, the president of a Minnesota sheetrock company was sentenced to two years in jail and a potential fine of $3.3 million for intentionally underpaying employee overtime and union pension and benefit contributions.

In another recent case, the owners and officers of an Illinois security company were fined over $200,000, constituting back wages and liquidated damages, for violating overtime and record keeping provisions. 

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), "any employer" who violates minimum wage or unpaid overtime compensation laws may be liable for both the shortfall and liquidated damages, which means double the damages. The FLSA definition of "employer" can be very broad. Along with supervisors and high-ranking executives, it can also include officers and directors.

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How do you report this type of behavior anonymously?Im on a project where 20-30 workers put in 60-70 hours per week with no overtime pay.

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damn do you work building loves truck stops?

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I am an office manager working for a doctors office for 15 years, I have consistently put in a 50+ hour workweek, and only got paid straight time, before and after receiving position and title of office manager. Owner/Doctor when asked question of overtime, state I have a title in office therefore not entitled to overtime period.... Would never look into it further. Now that I raise issue, is planning on firing me. What can i Do?

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Report him to the labor board you are protected as a whistle blower.

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There is a construction company that travels and the owner does not pay over time at all he works his guys from 7 am until 6:30 pm seven days a week and only gives them a 45 min lunch break. if they try to sit out for a few to rest he tells the if they are not back to work and he see's them taking a rest he will fire them

how can this slave driver be reported?

The guys are not independent contractors

They travel to different states, and either stay in a hotel or in a trailer the employer has

If any of the guys are sick and have to take a day off he docks makes them pay the hotel cost for that night for staying out that one day

he also makes them pay Workmens comp but as I stated above they r not independent contractors

please email me only

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What is the statue that has to do with not getting paid at all for weeks on end? What rights do I have as an employee? They give me payroll excuses, yet I have children and family to support??

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The Fair Labor Standards Act is the Federal Law that protects your rights as an employee to receive overtime pay, minimum wage and 4 hours of pay.

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I work for a company that has several Dental offices. I travel between 2 of the offices and put in 45-50 hrs a week. I never get overtime pay because I get 2 separate checks. Am I entitled to overtime, or is this they way of getting out of overtime pay for their employees?

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