O.J. Simpson Hit with Tax Debt and Foreclosure

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By Teresa Ambord

In prison for a total of thirty-three years, and he's still drawing fire from multiple sources. 
Currently, O.J. Simpson is being targeted by the IRS, and it's not the first time. The tax agency just filed a second lien on him, this one for 2011 income, in the amount of $17,015.99 (couldn't they have rounded up a penny?). Last year, the IRS filed a lien in the amount of $179,437 that relates to income from 2007 to 2010. That lien encumbers Simpson's home in Kendall, Florida, which is soon to be auctioned off. 
Meanwhile, Simpson is incarcerated at the Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada after being convicted on charges of kidnapping and robbery in 2008. He has a good excuse for ignoring his tax situation, considering that he has been locked up, but in spite of being incarcerated, Simpson continues to have a healthy income. The former Buffalo Bills runner and Heisman Trophy winner still receives an NFL pension of $19,000 a month, and the IRS wants a piece of it. 
The state of California is also feeling miffed, it seems. Last November, the Golden State – which is facing its own heavy financial burdens and growing more aggressive every day – hit Simpson with a lien of $318,566.06 for unpaid taxes going back twelve years.
If all that isn't enough, on January 30, 2013, a foreclosure action against Simpson will go to trial in a Miami-Dade County court. Although Simpson's original mortgage was with Washington Mutual, now defunct, JPMorgan Chase bank is pursuing foreclosure on Simpson's $575,000 home for nonpayment. Simpson stopped making payments on the home back in 2010, about two years after he went to prison. Yet court records show that JPMorgan continued to send a process server to his home at 9450 SW 112th Street in Kendall, Florida, every day, in a futile effort to serve him papers relating to the foreclosure. Simpson is reportedly fighting the sale of the home through his attorney, who said in his pleadings that the bank's filing is "ambiguous and vague." 
After Simpson was tried and ultimately acquitted for the murder of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman, in 1994, he was still found liable in a civil trial. Based on that verdict, he was ordered to pay the Goldman family a civil judgment for $33.5 million. His move to Florida was seen by some as an attempt to escape paying that judgment. 
Unfortunately, finding new digs was not as easy as it might have been. In spite of being acquitted of the murders, the stain of the charges followed him in his house-hunting efforts. Several gated communities reportedly shut the gates when they saw Simpson coming. With few options, he ultimately purchased the four-bedroom Kendall home for much more than it was worth.
The proceeds of the home sale will presumably clear much of his tax debt. 
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I watched the oj trial from beginning to end. I don't know if he was guilty or not since the detectives messed the evidence up. Furman should have been put in prison for his role, along with Lange and the others.
If oj has an income of the stated amount, I believe he should pay taxes. If his children have trust funds or what ever, they should not be touched,
I know oj was set up in the robbery to get his personal belongings, in which I don't agree in the way he went about it. Compared to sentences of rape and murder that some have committed and get lesser sentences, I feel oj was wronged in his. By the way, I'm not a black man but a white man calling it as I see it. I'm not sticking up for oj, I only think an injustice was made.

Agree. I'm not an OJ fan or apologist, but the Nevada sentence is out of sync with reality.

not when u factor in 2 murder charges

Murderer got what he deserves, the whole world knows he slaughtered two beautifull people!

IF he did the murderers He should have known to keep his nose clean.. Got what he deserved !!!!!Trust funds for the children was to protect them from the judgment

@YAHOO. I don't know that you can be put in prison for perjury. Or is so, don't think is is a long time sentence? Casey Anthony's mother perjured herself at her daughter's trial to protect Casey and this woman has never been charged? Go figure? If it is true that OJ's daughter has squandered his NFL monthly pension and not paid mortgage on his Florida home, FUNNY! Articles claim she hasn't paid the monthly mortgage for two years and home going into foreclosure and to be auctioned off? IRS will reap the funds and not Brown's or Goldman's. I am wondering where he had his head or maybe his "dick" the past two years in prison that he didn't know his daughter was not paying monthly mortgage? Why wasn't his lawyer making sure the mortgage was being paid. 2 YEARS BEFORE DISCOVERED? He deserves every rotten thing he gets thrown at him..I'm sure this guy hide a of his money in offshore accounts when the Brown's and Goldman's filed civil law suits against him. We know he got rid of a lot of his possession and that is why he is in prison at this time..BECUZ THE DUMB ASS TOOK FOUR OR FIVE OF HIS HOOD FRIENDS WITH GUNS TO STEAL BACK HIS PERSONAL POSSESSIONS THAT SOME OTHER PERSON BOUGHT? Claims he has cancer and wants let out..I hope he rots in prison or comes out in a zipped up black bag. .