AccountingWEB Weekly News Wrap-up - Issue 61

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The AccountingWEB Friday Wrap-Up Newswire - Issue 61
September 22, 2000

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2. Accounting Pros Speak Out in Online Forum
3. Levitt Castigates Big Five
4. Find Out What You're Worth ($$$)
5. Moms in Demand: Multi-Tasking is HOT!
6. Resumes for Today's High-Tech Workplace
7. AICPA’s Annual List of Top Ten Technologies
8. Complete Transcripts - All SEC Testimony
9. Excel Tip: Change Default Date Style
10. 2001 Tax Brackets and More

Will the accounting landscape ever be the same again? Arthur Levitt, Chairman of the SEC, is determined to change the way accountants do business. In a press conference this week, Levitt challenged smaller independent accounting firms to take on the Big Five in an attempt to restore public trust to the accounting profession.

Earlier this month, the Panel on Audit Effectiveness, a panel commissioned by the SEC to look into the effects of non-audit services on auditor independence, delivered this statement: "The panel is not aware of any instances of non-audit services having caused or contributed to an audit failure or the actual loss of auditor independence."

So what’s going on here? AccountingWEB is pulling together reactions and opinions from all points of view in the accounting profession and to that end we hosted an Open Forum this past week in which members of the profession met, shared their views, and answered questions in a live chat. Our complete SEC coverage includes the transcript of this forum, as well as transcripts and interviews from all of those who have testified before the SEC on this issue.

Read our reports and consider voicing your view. The SEC is accepting email suggestions and responses to the proposed guidelines through Monday, September 25. Write a letter and let your opinion be heard before it’s too late. See "THERE’S STILL TIME!" in this newsletter for more information.

Full coverage of SEC hearings available at:

Gail A. Perry
Managing Editor
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AccountingWEB's Online Workshop Schedule
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Be sure to mark your calendar for these upcoming free workshops,
and encourage others in your firm to join you online!

Tuesday, September 26, 4:00-5:00 Eastern Time -
"What Firms are Doing to Increase Sales"
Presented by Karen Bergh of Rainmaker Pro Training and Consulting

Tuesday, October 3, 4:00-5:00 Eastern Time -
"XBRL: An Update on the Future of Financial Reporting"
Presented by Mike Willis of PricewaterhouseCoopers

Wednesday, October 4, 4:00-5:00 Eastern Time –
"Academic Preparation for the CPA Exam"
Presented by Sam Goble of MicroMash

Are you interested in presenting a workshop at AccountingWEB? We are always looking for experts with a perspective to share with our members. Please contact me if you would like more information.
Gail A. Perry
Managing Editor
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AccountingWEB Spotlight on Susan Waters!
This week’s Spotlight falls on Susan Waters, new executive director of the California Society of Certified Public Accountants.

Use your email to tell the SEC what you think about auditor independence. The SEC is accepting comments on the proposed auditor independence guidelines through Monday, September 25. Let your voice be heard on this important issue!

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Voice your opinion about the proposed SEC auditor independence guidelines by voting in the AccountingWEB poll.
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2. Accounting Pros Speak Out in Online Forum
Members of the accounting profession joined together at AccountingWEB in an Open Forum to share their views and answer questions about the proposed SEC auditor independence guidelines. Read what some of your colleagues think about this hot issue.


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3. Levitt Castigates Big Five
SEC Chairman Arthur Levitt has accused the leadership of the Big Five of using their audit services as merely an opportunity to get a foot in the door in order to offer other, more profitable services. Do you think this is true?

4. Find Out What You’re Worth ($$$)
Compare your salary to others in the same position and the same geographical area. Or, if you’re considering a move, find out what your job is worth in another location.

5. Moms in Demand: Multi-Tasking is HOT!
Working mothers have multi-tasking down to a science and employers are finally realizing the true value of this experience. Find out how the working mom is changing today’s workplace.


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6. Resumes for Today’s High-Tech Workplace
AccountingWEB's resume workshop featuring Susan Ireland, author of "The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Perfect Resume," provided participants with great tips for creating and submitting email resumes.

7. AICPA’s Annual List of Top Ten Technologies
The only CPAs who don't need to know about technology are those who are retiring in the next 12 months, according to Wayne Harding, vice president of outsourcing at Great Plains Software. Get up to speed, or get left behind.

8. Complete Transcripts – All SEC Testimony
Looking for some good bedtime reading? Read what all of the witnesses have had to say about the SEC's proposed auditor independence guidelines.

9. Excel Tip: Change Default Date Style
You may try to enter September 22, 2000 as 9/22/00, but Excel has other ideas about how the date should be displayed. Whether you prefer the style of 22.9.00, 9/22/2000, 9-22, or something completely different, you can leave specific instructions for how your dates should appear.

10. 2001 Tax Brackets and More
Good news - taxpayers will pay less to the IRS in 2001. Come to AccountingWEB for the full roundup of the 2001 tax brackets, standard deductions and exemptions.

Q&A Forum

Whether you want to test your technical expertise or find an
answer to a problem, Q&A Forum is the place to go. There are some
fascinating queries along with answers that deserve to be in
textbooks. Here are some of our latest teasers:

* How should an employee theft be recorded?

* What are the differences between manufacturing accounts and club and society accounts?

Visit the Q&A Forum and share your ideas!

Many thanks to Shirley Richardson, Kathleen Lester, Stephen Bennett, Chris Bales, Neil Englintine, and Steve Kassel for recent comments and answers to questions.

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