by Terry Sheridan on 02/27/15
Nexus, Washington legislation, class-action lawsuits, and more—what is happening with sales taxation today?
by Jason Bramwell on 02/26/15
John Koskinen said this week that the fact tax season started on time is a “stunning achievement by our employees.”
by Janice Fioravante on Feb 26, 2015
Is it time to merge you firm? And how can you be sure you're not making mistakes that could doom the new entity?
by Jason Bramwell on Feb 26, 2015
The menu features specials on New Mexico losing accountants, House votes to ease limits on 529 plans, and more.
by Julian Block on Feb 26, 2015
From the easily forgotten to the little known, there are income streams that remain yours and yours alone.
by Sally Glick on Feb 25, 2015
Business development is different from marketing communications. Too often professionals are unsure about developing the ‘rainmaking’ skills.
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If you want to make it big as a management accountant, you need just the right amount of public experience.
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by Jason Bramwell on Feb 25, 2015
The average US adult scored 51% on a personal finance quiz related to federal income taxes, according to NerdWallet.
by Larry Perry CPA on Feb 24, 2015
Normally, the risk of not detecting material misstatements due to fraud is higher than with error.
by Jason Bramwell on Feb 24, 2015
Stakeholders have until March 6 to submit comment letters and register to attend public hearings on both projects.
by Jason Bramwell on Feb 24, 2015
The menu features specials on Intuit denies lax security claims, Hatch wants answers on Obamacare tax error, and more.
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Virtual currencies seem scary, but informed accountants can help clients explore new opportunities within IRS rules.
by John Stokdyk on Feb 23, 2015
Do your clients still have a record system out of the Victorian era? Maybe some new tools can help them—and you.
by Michiko Hamada ... on Feb 23, 2015
Many companies consider transfer pricing a cross-border issue, but the reality often hits much closer to home.