by seth fineberg on 04/27/15
The Practice Platform reports dashboard has been released as an app on the Apple Watch. It is also available via a web browser, iOS, and Android apps.
by Jason Bramwell on 04/27/15
Board members also voted to remove a project on economic condition reporting from its current technical agenda.
by Jason Bramwell on Apr 27, 2015
The menu features specials on companies leaving trillions in cash overseas, inversion deals aren’t dead, and more.
by Jason Bramwell on Apr 27, 2015
Written testimony was sent as part of the record of April 15 House Small Business Committee hearing on tax reform.
by Julian Block on Apr 27, 2015
Some couples who took “tax home” disputes to the Tax Court did not get the outcomes on outlays that they wanted.
by Jason Bramwell on Apr 24, 2015
Performance evaluations, how to apply technology to your firm, online marketing tips for small businesses, and more.
by Jason Bramwell on Apr 24, 2015
The menu features specials on Treasury targets hedge fund tax avoidance, state corporate income tax rates, and more.
by Allegra Nagler on Apr 24, 2015
A recent Accountemps survey found that the top perk employees prefer is different from what their managers thought.
by seth fineberg on Apr 23, 2015
This regular column will present my views on the week's content, as well as on trends and issues facing the profession.
by Jason Bramwell on Apr 23, 2015
Stakeholders have until Aug. 20 to review the Accounting Standards Update and provide written comments to the FASB.
by Ken Berry on Apr 23, 2015
A TIGTA report found that millions of calls to IRS help centers from people seeking tax advice went unanswered.
by Jason Bramwell on Apr 23, 2015
The menu features specials on oil execs tout accounting savvy, Intuit sued by two identity theft victims, and more.
by Terry Sheridan on Apr 23, 2015
Self-centered CFOs are linked to, among other things, weaker internal controls and a greater chance of restatements.
by Larry Perry CPA on Apr 22, 2015
AU-C Section 315 requires an auditor to obtain an understanding of the entity and its environment for engagements.
by Bryce Sanders on Apr 22, 2015
Being a “sideline parent” is an excellent opportunity for CPAs to meet and connect with others in the community.
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