by Terry Sheridan on 12/22/14
Beyond FASB rules, here are five questions accountants may face, and how an expert suggests you answer them.
by Jason Bramwell on 12/22/14
The menu features specials on IRS warns of possible shutdown, PCAOB starts webinar outreach initiative, and more.
by Bryce Sanders on Dec 22, 2014
"What do you do?" is a question for the ages. Choose how you answer it with great care.
by Richard Koreto on Dec 19, 2014
Robert Half on how to land that job, methods for working with Boomers, sex addiction and tax fraud, and more.
by Richard Koreto on Dec 19, 2014
Round-Up of tax breaks, IASB cuts the clutter, Luxembourg comes clean on tax secrets, and more.
by Sally Glick on Dec 19, 2014
Addressing issues before they become problematic is hard work, but it is worth the extra effort.
by Ken Berry on Dec 18, 2014
If you want to pass wealth to beneficiaries and save on taxes, sometimes the easiest way is the best.
by Richard Koreto on Dec 18, 2014
Cuba changes affect business, Subpart F: The Musical gets new life, PCAOB hands down ruling in Japan, and more.
by Terry Sheridan on Dec 18, 2014
A recruiting manager at Robert Half gives the lowdown on what you need to know to land that new job.
by Bryce Sanders on Dec 17, 2014
Are you a Boomer or a child of a Boomer? You may know how they think, and you also need to know how to help them.
by Richard Koreto on Dec 17, 2014
AICPA looks at peer review reform, ACCA comments on SEC remarks, IRS pilot program expanded nationwide, and more.
by Ken Berry on Dec 17, 2014
Tax time is also for planning ahead, so the next tax season goes smoothly, with no nasty surprises.
by Julian Block on Dec 16, 2014
This CPA was very, very naughty. But you have to give him credit for an imaginative defense.
by Richard Koreto on Dec 16, 2014
Apple Pay makes inroads, new faces at PCAOB meeting, Tax Court comes down hard on substantiation, and more.
by Jessica Ballard on Dec 16, 2014
Now is the time to become more productive—to learn how to work smarter, not necessarily harder.
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