by Ken Berry on 04/24/14
The IRS could do a better job if it had more resources at its disposal, says the GAO, which has recommendations for the IRS on how it can improve its performance.
by Jason Bramwell on 04/24/14
Enrolled agents and CPAs can earn as much as 18 credits by attending one of five IRS Nationwide Tax Forums this summer. The three-day events feature seminars, workshops, and a two-day expo.
by Jason Bramwell on 04/24/14
The menu for April 24 features specials on Russia scrambling on FATCA, arrests in ID theft and fake tax return scheme, could the US implement a tax lottery like Slovakia, and more.
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by Larry Perry CPA on Apr 24, 2014
One of the most significant analytical procedures is reading, or scanning, the general ledger account activity. It can have a major effect on audit strategy.
by Jason Bramwell on Apr 23, 2014
The agency said it is developing a policy linking conduct to performance awards for executives and senior-level employees – and a similar policy for all IRS employees will be considered.
by Alexandra DeFelice on Apr 23, 2014
Are you looking for ways to make your mobile devices more useful? Whether or not you use the apps listed here, you should know what's out there for you and your clients.
by Jason Bramwell on Apr 23, 2014
The menu for April 23 features specials on the London Stock Exchange changing audit firms, IRS heading to US Supreme Court, co-signers causing surprise defaults on student loans, and more.
by Julian Block on Apr 23, 2014
Consider the tax implications of decisions your clients may be making about their homes in 2014. The rules are complicated and the decisions could have major repercussions.
by Jason Bramwell on Apr 22, 2014
The FASB had hoped to issue a final standard on revenue recognition during the first quarter of 2014. However, the board confirmed today that the timetable for releasing the standard has been pushed back slightly.
by Scott Cytron on Apr 22, 2014
Everyone seems to have a blog today, but is it really worth your time? Yes, a blog can bring in new business, but as these 10 steps show, you have to know how to do it right.
by Jason Bramwell on Apr 22, 2014
The menu for April 22 features specials on the IRS denying group’s tax-exempt status, what the airline industry and the IRS have in common (and it’s not good), if sales taxes will doom Amazon, and more.
by Deanna White on Apr 22, 2014
One college has started a program especially for management accountants: There are other jobs besides tax prep and auditing. Recruiters can now step up and take notice.
by Doug Sleeter on Apr 21, 2014
A new Sleeter Group survey reveals what business owners want from accountants. You'll see that there's a big difference between what they want and what you think they want.
by Jason Bramwell on Apr 21, 2014
CFOs reported that vacant staff-level accounting or finance jobs take an average of four weeks to fill, while open management-level positions take five weeks on average to fill, according to a new Robert Half poll.
by Jason Bramwell on Apr 21, 2014
The menu for April 21 features specials on PwC looking at corporate clawback policies, SIFMA wanting FATCA delay, property tax collections rising, and more.
by Ken Berry on Apr 21, 2014
The Obamas squeezed under the bar for the highest marginal tax rate on their federal tax return. But they couldn't dodge the new 3.8 percent Medicare surtax.

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Apr 24
In this session Excel expert David Ringstrom, CPA introduces you to a powerful but underutilized macro feature in Excel.
Apr 25
This material focuses on the principles of accounting for non-profit organizations' revenues. It will include discussions of revenue recognition for cash and non-cash contributions as well as other revenues commonly received by non-profit organizations.
Apr 30
During the second session of a four-part series on Individual Leadership, the focus will be on time management- a critical success factor for effective leadership. Each person has 24 hours of time to spend each day; the key is making wise investments and knowing what investments yield the greatest return.
May 1
This material focuses on the principles of accounting for non-profit organizations’ expenses. It will include discussions of functional expense categories, accounting for functional expenses and allocations of joint costs.